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AshimaLife - Policy Administration System


AshimaLife - Policy Administration System caters to the entire gamut of activities in providing insurance to group of individuals. Group of individuals can be employees of corporate, members of NGO or customers who have taken loan from bank or NBFC. An integrated solution for Group Insurance covers Term Life Insurance, Reducing Term for loans, Gratuity and Superannuation.

The system helps manage the full cycle of activities from quotations, through new business, underwriting, member servicing, agency servicing, reinsurance, claims and receipts, withdrawals, accounting, up to the Trial Balance. The system has the capability of configuring products as a unit link product. The common member administration and accounting processes allows you to administer all schemes of a Client Group across all lines of business, to cross-sell products and to lower administrative costs. Overall, AshimaLife - Policy Administration System is a powerful and flexible solution that can be quickly adapted to your business requirements.


  • Comprehensive System Covering all Activities
  • One Integrated Solution - Seamless Integration of all Modules
  • Flexible as Whole Application is Parameter Driven
  • Simplicity in the use of Application - Menu Driven
  • Completely Browser Based System, no Client Side Installation Involved
  • Import of Data Like Member Details, from any Desktop using a Browser
  • Configurability of User Roles - Security can be Defined at the Application Level
  • Detail Audit Trail - Changes done to Data can Tracked User-Wise
  • Helps to build a Strong Bond with Customers

Quotation with Illustrations


Insurance companies offer multiple products with combination of riders, which are traditionally sold by individual advisors. The solution offered by Dev Software & Services Pvt. Ltd. is very easy to use with just point and click single form interface. All rules like age, premium, sum assured, term, premium paying term, expense, mortality rate, return on saving portion, surrender value, loan value and IRDA limits are intuitively handled. Some of the key features of the solution are:

  • Secured Data and Output
  • Parameter Driven
  • Implemented on all Windows Platform
  • Product expiry and availability as per various Distribution Channel
  • Automation for Software Updates
  • Supports Traditional, Unit Link, Joint Life, Child, Reducing Cover and Retirement Plans.
  • Supports Wavier of Premium type of Riders

New Business Processing (NBP)


New Business Processing (NBP) solution helps the insurance companies in capturing the details of the new business acquired by the various channels.

The solution also generates the key performance reports for the complete hierarchy to help management in taking business critical decisions.

Some of the key features of the solution are:

  • Channel Hierarchy
  • Track turnaround time between statuses
  • Underwriting Details
  • Graphical Presentation
  • Proposal & Policy Details
  • Channel Performance Reporting
  • Business Forecasting
  • Seamless Integration with Core System
  • Parameterised Definition
  • Document Management System Link